Improved Range of Motion

Maria is 89-years-old, and has had limited range of motion to her right arm since she broker her shoulder (from a fall) 10 years ago which required surgery.

Maria says her doctors told her she would never regained full range of motion to her arm—so she just accepted this as fact.

After just 2 sessions, Maria’s full range of motion has returned, and she’s thrilled at how much easier she can reach for things. She says her daily neck pain also feels better.

Rounded Back and Neck Pain Decreased

Marjorie's rounded back contributed to decades of neck pain, for which she received 2 manual chiropractic adjustments weekly for the last 20 YEARS —as well as committed 30 minutes DAILY to wearing a weighted "neck decompression system" (to pull the weight of her head off her neck).

Marjorie's rounded back resolved itself with 6 treatments, and as a result her neck pain disappeared.

She is thrilled with her results, saying "Not only will I save THOUSANDS of dollars because I don't need the chiropractor anymore, but I figured out I will get back approximately 6 hours of time every week that i spent going to the chiropractor appointments, AND the 30 minutes per day hooked up to that neck contraption thing, too. I feel good, I don't have neck pain anymore. I feel like I did 20 years ago, and I think I look younger, too --- thank you!!"

Improved Posture and Resolved Knee Pain

Gloria, age 60, deals with an all-too-common issue—the perils of being large-breasted, and the strain it puts on the posture. In order for the body to remain balanced, the back often overcompensates for the excessive front-load weight with severe rounding of the back—which then contributes to excessive forward neck flexion (head /neck jutting forward).

Over time, this postural imbalance often causes knee pain as well, since the weight of the upper body isn't distributed over the lower body, but instead leans over the thighs and knees, causing excessive wear and tear on the knee joints—sometimes resulting in knee-replacement surgeries, which Gloria has experienced. But because the root of the knee pain—her postural imbalance—never got resolved, Gloria has continued to deal with knee pain even after her 2 knee surgeries, and often uses a cane, now, too. (Gloria also tripped and fell at her workplace restroom—which she feels is due to her poor posture -- broke her shoulder which required painful surgery, and left her unable to work for 5 months as it healed. This was financially stressful for Gloria, who says that 2 years later, she still experiences daily shoulder pain and has limited range of motion.)

After 2 postural alignment sessions, notice Gloria's marked postural improvement! Her neck is much more aligned over her shoulders, and her severe Dowager's hump is greatly reduced. Gloria noted no knee pain after our sessions, and says she feels much more stable and hasn't used her cane in weeks. She notices being able to lift her (previously broken shoulder) much higher than before without pain.

Gloria understands that more postural work is suggested, but she also now sees the importance of good posture (and the referral pain and injuries that can result from poor posture) and is strongly considering breast-reduction surgery as a long-term solution to the root cause of her back, neck and knee pain.


Improved Dowagers Hump

Ruben, a desk-worker by day and farmland-owner/operator on weekends, is a hardworking guy in his mid-50s. He was experiencing typical minor misalignment: the forward-jutting head/neck and the dreaded rounding back.

After just a few sessions, Ruben’s alignment improved greatly. His head is more squarely on top of his shoulders (bringing him less neck pain), and the rounding back has decreased significantly.

Ruben says he can tend to his farm work with greater ease and enjoyment, and his neck feels much better—even after a long day at the computer, too.


Health-Inspiring Results

Charlotte, a very youthful 68-year old woman, works out at the gym 3 early mornings each week with cardio and weights, and then runs around all day on Monday though Friday chasing her young daycare children, which she’s done for the last 40 years.

Charlotte’s significant DBS Therapy results are truly inspiring! Her story provides insight to a proactive approach to staying well. Her dedication to this process has really paid off⁠—24 symptoms improved, as well as money and time saved!

"I think [DBS therapy] gave me a jump start on what I needed. I thought I was healthy, but now I can be healthier. I do a lot of good things for myself, but there's always more to do."


Postural Improvements

BEFORE: Jacque (age 60) is very active as a runner, skier, roller blade enthusiast, self-employed house painter, husband, father and grandfather. But even with his very active lifestyle, he acquired the dreaded rounded back and jutting-forward neck and head.

AFTER: Jacque saw significant improvement to his neck and back posture in just 3 structural-rehabilitation sessions.

He says his workouts feel easier and more productive, and he feels his energy level and stamina have increased, too.

Walking Without A Cane!

Cory’s chronic knee pain and stiffness reduced her to walking with a cane  (NOTE: photo on the left, Cory is grasping her cane) most of her days.

After bodywork sessions, Cory is much more upright, and can walk comfortably without her cane (photo on right—no cane!) for many hours or days longer than before she began receiving bodywork. Cory says she feels stronger after bodywork session—and notices she is in a better mood, too.

Therapy Reduces Medication Side Effects

Thor, 55 years old, is a government worker by day (involving a lot of sitting or doing off-site field work), and a farmstead owner by weekend (involving lots of walking, bending/lifting, tractoring, and various chores).

A few years back, Thor was diagnosed with adult-onset type 2 diabetes. As a result, he takes a common medication called Metformin that can cause side effects such as chronic muscle tightness. Thor gets bodywork and chiropractic 2-3 times per month to maintain a good quality of life and to keep the medication side effects to a minimum. But about twice a year, Thor opts for 4-6 weeks of Detox-Bodywork Series (DBS) treatments to help his body lessen the side effects that can occur due to the medication residue lingering.

Thor knows he needs a detox when these symptoms starting becoming more regular: left hip tension, stomach pain or mild nausea, foot pain, chronic achy upper back and neck, shoulder blade tightness, wrist and lower leg swelling, poor-quality sleep, and sluggish bowels.

After Thor enjoys 4-6 weekly relaxing Detox-Bodywork Series treatments, these symptoms diminish and he enjoys a healthier, happier body–or, in his own words: “[DBS] takes care of a lot of little problems. I have more energy, and feel better after a detox series."

Recovering From Structural Misalignment

Juliana is recovering from extreme forward neck flexion and a sizable hump on her upper back (typical of long-term desk-workers).

Notice Juliana’s hips and shoulders are more even and square in her "after" picture. Her posture is more upright, and her forward-neck flexion (“text neck”) continues to improve and become more upright with each session!

Additional sessions will assist Juliana in countering decades of postural misalignment, but she is dedicated to this self-care process, and we are both thrilled with her results so far.

Greater Range of Motion, Less Shoulder Pain

Ralph, 83-year-old occasional client, experienced great relief from his restricted left shoulder that he struggled to lift comfortably. He had no idea what might have caused this limitation and has been feeling it for over a year (Ralph's last bodywork session was over 2 years ago). Though Ralph, like many seniors, feels too uncomfortable lying face-down on a massage table, so all bodywork on Ralph's shoulders was done in the face-up / prone position.


After just 1 session, Ralph smiled with surprise as he could move not just his left arm fully over his head, but also his right arm—which he didn't even know had limited range-of-motion—moved easier, too.

"Well how about that! Both my shoulders feel quite a bit better!" he said as he made broad windmill motions with each arm proudly.

Know a senior who complains of pain? No? Could be because for many in Ralph's generation, mentioning something hurts or feels restrictive seems like whining to them; they may be suffering in silence. Sometimes just watching them move or reach for things (or watch for difficulty sitting down or getting up) may be the best way for us to know if the older people in our life are suffering. Sometimes asking them about it will prompt an honest response—but not always. The 70+ group is known for keeping silent on issues they believe would "bother" others.

If you know of a senior loved one who you think would benefit from some soothing massage (and even gentle rehabilitation work on their neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees or feet—while remaining fully clothed, if they prefer), consider talking with them about a bodywork appointment.

Significantly Less Back Pain, & No More Anti-Depressants!

Detox Bodywork Series (DBS) and bodywork treatments have made a huge impact on Margaret during the last six months.

Since beginning therapy, Margaret's back pain has significantly decreased, allowing her to exercise again; her anxiety and depression have gotten under control, she has not needed to take her anti-depressant medication, and she hasn’t needed her usual fall-time inhaler! Her allergies have decreased, constipation and dairy allergies have disappeared, her previously-constant ear ache has gotten better, range of motion after a rotator cuff injury has improved, and even her skin complexion has become more clear. Margaret’s hands and feet are no longer consistently cold, her sleeping patterns have improved, and because she feels less stressed, she isn’t grinding her teeth like she used to.


Self-Care and Bodywork for Pain Relief

When Christina first started coming to us for bodywork last winter, she explained “I have had on-and-off-again chronic low back pain since 2010 or so. I have done chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and yoga. It works for a while, but then I always re-injury myself again every few months.

I had an MRI back in 2016 and they found that I had a few herniated discs and spondylolisthesis (a spinal disorder in which vertebrae slip forward onto the bone below) at the L4 and L5 vertebrae. I also feel that stress brings on a lot of my back pain. I have anxiety that I will hurt it again, which makes it easy to be sedentary and not live the life I want to live!”

Now, less than a year later, Christina is an example of fantastic self-care. She makes and keeps regular (monthly) bodywork appointments despite her hectic schedule with work and family, and is diligent about her self-care practice in between bodywork sessions. Here’s what she says about making time to regularly decompress the spine: "It's my evening routine. Most days, I try to lie on the floor when I get home for 10 minutes before I do anything else. We have a blanket almost permanently on the floor for this, in front of the TV."

Christina’s smart routine has paid off. Despite being diagnosed with “a few herniated discs” and other vertebrae issues, Christina doesn’t deal with back pain at all anymore (-- she was able to completely avoid the painkiller or surgery route)!

Bodywork for Mind & Body

Sheila, age 58, and her husband, age 60, have been clients of WholeSelf Bodywork for over 10 years. The day after a session, Sheila explains why she loves our individual Detox-Bodywork Series (DBS) therapy.

"I did feel better today, and that was just from having 1 Detox-Bodywork session. I haven't been here for a number of months. I thought I felt good, I’d say everything was working fine, though I did have a migraine. Now with 2 sessions in the last week, when Jc was working on me, I could feel the inflammation as she pressed along my spine, my belly, my legs and my feet. But today [the day after my session], everything felt softer, easier, much more relaxed… I strive to live a healthy life through diet, exercise and good hydration, but because of the environmental challenges all around us (pesticides in the food and water supply, etc.), we just can’t do it alone. As a woman in my 50s, I feel it's important to check in with bodywork, to be sure that things are flushing out. Today’s session showed me I went too long without bodywork.

I feel different when I don't come in for bodywork for a few months. As long as I come back sometimes and get a boost, then I feel I can stay on top of things and not get migraines. I started coming when I was going through menopause and getting through those symptoms. At that point, it was about getting rid of the migraines. Now it’s really about maintaining my general good health."

Success After Just 1 Session!

Amber, referred by a friend, had been getting migraines and headaches her whole life. She remembered having a migraine with aura, starting sometimes between 10-12 years old. 

Here's Amber's update...


“I felt so good when I left. My significant other immediately noticed the improvement in my posture. Thank you so much for your help and your very thoughtful, detailed, and caring approach. I am so impressed with the care you provide. 

Thank you."



I am doing much better overall. I have made progress with my water intake (probably taking in about 60 to 70 ounces per day now) and have noticed improvement in [the redness in] my hands -- definitely less puffy and color improved too, though still some redness at times. I think it is still a work in progress. 

Still training myself with the water (goal is still to get to 80 ounces) and all you suggested.

Headaches are less frequent too. I have stopped taking amitryptaline for headache prevention and have been off of it now for three weeks and have not had any headaches. I believe my session with you was an important component in my care regimen that has helped me to attain this positive result. May be scheduling an appointment with you again in the future as part of non-medication headache prevention plan. Thank you so much for your help and the suggestions. You definitely helped me. 

I told my chiropractor about you for anyone else who may benefit from your services.”

Knee Pain Reduced Significantly After 1 Session

Nichole’s mother brought Nichole, age 13, in for 1 bodywork session for Nichole’s chronic, daily knee pain that she’s felt for the last 2 years.

Upon palpation, Nichole mentioned other areas she was experiencing pain, too: her right ankle, and her neck, as well as weekly headaches around her temples and eyebrows.

Nichole and her mother were both thrilled that Nichole experienced much relief after just one 90-minute session! This is her feedback a few days after Nichole’s session:

“Her knee is feeling better. She’s only felt pain when playing tennis. 

No ankle pain either. Neck is better too!”

Though more bodywork is likely needed for Nichole so she can play tennis more comfortably, she has had excellent results after just 1 session.

Resolving Lucy's Hot Flashes

Lucy has run hot all her life – she would wear only a windbreaker as her winter jacket no matter how frigid the temps.

After the Detox-Bodywork Series, Lucy doesn't experience the chronic overheating she always had.


"I would not normally agree to go anyplace really warm for vacation because I've hated always being so hot. Now, after the Detox Series, I'm not always hot anymore, so now I'm planning a trip with friends to Costa Rico, and am so excited!”


And her pants that used to be tight are looser now.


She also mentioned that her dentist recently said her gums were "excellent." She said she's been seeing him for 20 years and he's never said that to her. She is diabetic, and says diabetics are known to have teeth issues, and said she has struggled with this. 

But this dental report has her elated!


She describes the Detox-Bodywork Series very positively, saying "It's very spiritual and very loving."

Freedom & Empowerment Through DBS

Jaime is a semi-retired teacher, poet & martial artist. She turns 70 in September. Jaime was also diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer earlier this year, and had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor.


Before DBS, Jaime was experiencing acid reflux, spring allergies, high anxiety levels, mild asthma (used Flonase daily), gluten sensitivities accompanied by digestive issues, low energy levels, weak finger nails, rosacea on both cheeks, headaches, and ocular migraines. She was also experiencing joint/muscle pain in her entire back, knees, left hamstring, and the left ball of her foot. She had sciatica on the back of her left leg. Her sleep quality was poor as she was able to only sleep for short periods.

Jaime had 2 months (9 sessions) of DBS therapy this year. 

Her results were outstanding:

"I was committed to doing the Tamoxifen [commonly prescribed post-breast-cancer drug] when I first started the DBS. The Detox Bodywork Series sessions played a huge role in my decision to NOT take Tamoxifen, because I started to feel better than I have felt in a long time. I became aware that some of the symptoms I was having were related to toxins stuck in my body. Then the Detox Bodywork helped to clear things out, and I didn't want to add more toxins [like Tamoxifen] back in after that.

I've been psychologically and emotionally 'de-cluttering' my life, and doing an inside-the-body detox made sense. It felt more unified. It also gave me a stronger sense of my own empowerment for how I can manage my health -- in working with Jc and making other changes too, like lifestyle and diet. It feels like some things I have been emotionally wanting to unblock for a long time were beginning to happen with the Detox series.


It's been a good experience in that DBS has both helped me to reduce a lot of the symptoms but also helped me conceptually realize that a lot of the way I was looking at my symptoms wasn't accurate. I feel more freed up to address what's going on my body in different ways, which makes me more feel empowered."


"Jc is not just a massage therapist — this bodywork goes much deeper."

Lifting Injury, Now Pain-Free!

Hockey, a car accident, a physically intense day job, some seriously heavy lifting, Though Dave stays very active and fit, his neck went out; he couldn't move it for a week. Since then, he'd been having headaches and was taking over-the-counter meds to keep the daily pain way.


Dave's right shoulder muscles were stuck, causing him to overuse his left side (see above photo on the left--Dave's right shoulder was pushed down--his head/ear also pulled to right). Dave's realignment took just two 90-minute treatments.


"I'm feeling good. No neck and back pain. I was only a little stiff the next day after our last session. But I've had no headaches, and my back and neck feel good. And I'm able to do a lot more about the shop [where he works] more comfortably."

Chronic Vertigo, Resolved

Kalle, an artist in Minneapolis, had been experiencing daily BPPV symptoms for 8 long years. She couldn't sleep on her left side, bend over, or lie face-down on the massage table because of nauseating dizziness. After just 1 session, Kalle experienced life-changing improvement.

"A huge thank you to Jc for spending so much time with me yesterday, and for taking the time to figure out my vertigo issue. She certainly worked some magic. I have absolutely no vertigo at all today. I've even noticed that my balance is a little better. I had a slight grogginess and headache after the session but all in all, there is a very major improvement. I hadn't realized how much it was affecting me. I can't thank her enough!"

No More Anxiety-Induced Headaches

Brock is a hardworking computer guy, husband, father, and dog owner who spent decades dealing with various chronic pain, including anxiety-induced migraines and neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain, among other things.

Brock experienced amazing results, and after just 5 weeks of Detox-Bodywork Series (DBS) treatments, he's feeling better in many, amazing ways.

"DBS is awesome -- worth doing. The headaches greatly improved and being off the medication is great. I've had a long struggle with them for 25 years, since I was 12 or 13 years old."

Postural Improvement

Lynn came in looking for help with left shoulder/neck pain after taking a fall weeks earlier. 

Lynn is your average hard-working executive who devotes many hours of her work day to working at her computer -- and anyone who works at a computer for most of their day knows the toll it takes on the neck and shoulders!

The left "before" photo shows extreme forward neck flexion, a common side effect of lots of computer work (our good posture gets traded for leaning in to see better since extended computer viewing can fatigue our eyes), and beginning Dowager's (hump) rounding of upper back. Her left shoulder was chronically raised, a probable result of her recent fall.

As a result of just 2 treatment sessions, Lynn's neck flexion and posture, in general, were greatly improved!

From Knee Inflammation to Successful Mountain-Bike Racing

John is a participant of the Lutsen 99er bike race, an Ultra Mountain Bike Race through the most rugged terrain Minnesota has to offer. For two years, John struggled to bike ride; his knee swelled up during every ride. After our bodywork therapy, he is finally able to race again!


"The muddiest, wettest, and coldest yet of my 7 years doing this race and I am feeling good today. My knee felt good for most of the 69 miles. There was some discomfort at times, but it did not slow me down. Today, quite a bit of swelling but not sore. I think I can get it back to normal in a couple of days. One thing is absolutely for sure, I could not have done this race without your services. I think back to where I was when I first saw you and there was no way I could have done a 69 mile mountain bike race."

Weeks after the race, John's knee is still improving:

"While on my 40-mile ride Saturday afternoon, I thought about how grateful I am to have found you. On Thursday, I rode 40 miles. Friday I rode 20, and Saturday I rode 40. These are not easy rides. I averaged 17 miles per hour and did a lot of hills.


This morning, NO swelling in my knee. For the last two years, my knee has been swollen after one easy ride. Now I am riding multiple days with no swelling or pain. It is hard to put into words how much this means to me. My bike is my church, my meditation, my solace from a stressful job, and now, after two years of struggle, I can ride again."


Neck Pain and Digestive Issues

When Rhonda came in as a result of her friend's referral, she was looking for help with extreme neck pain due to multiple car accidents. She was severely depressed due to her constant pain, and didn't know what to do.

Rhonda was diligent about keeping her appointments, and her neck pain subsided completely within 3 months!

No longer having the chronic neck pain allowed us to work with Rhonda on digestive distress she'd been dealing with for the last 2 years. Frequent cramping and near-daily diarrhea plagued her. And though she loved popcorn, Chinese food, and the occasional good steak, indulging in these brought such painful cramping and inevitable diarrhea that she avoided them completely.

She committed to our weekly DBS treatment sessions for 2 months; by the end of the second month, she was able to eat ALL her favorite foods, and the regular cramping and diarrhea were completely gone.

In addition to this, Rhonda's previously grey hair lost all the grey and returned to its original blonde color after the treatments!

Anxiety, Digestion, Inflammation 

and More

Carla scheduled DBS therapy sessions to help with numerous medical conditons, including anxiety, digestion, inflammation, and more. Her experience with DBS was truly profound.

The following are improvements experienced by Carla after her DBS treatments: 

  • Anxiety decreased significantly 
  • Significantly less cellulite on fronts of upper legs
  • Fingernails went from weak to strong
  • Digestion and bowel movements improved
  • Inflamed areas (fingers/knuckles, joints, and legs which were swollen or tender to the touch before) all improved, and the tenderness and soreness resolved.
  • Improvement in eyesight: Before DBS, Carla needed reading glasses -- but not after! 
  • Greying hair decreased during treatments, and has continued to darken since (see photos)


"I can't believe the difference... Even to me it was surprising to see the difference -- the knuckle changes and the entire body inflammation difference. I'm wearing rings I haven't worn in a year!"

What Other Clients Are Saying...  


"First, the improvement in ankle mobility in the right foot has persisted since I saw you last week. There is a noticeable difference between the joint, particularly the ankle itself, in the right foot compared to the left. I didn't know what normal (or improved) could feel like. The ankle feels lubricated and smooth when walking, standing or swimming! As for swimming, I had no cramping in the foot when I swam a couple of days ago. I was surprised at how much internal soreness there was in my leg - it felt bruised and sore when I would touch the muscle up until yesterday. Now it feels back to normal but the muscle feels more supple. That soreness did not stop me from being active though. So it was sore to the touch but the muscle was not sore when I exercised. We hiked on Sat and cross country skied on Sunday both times for about 2 hours. This week we have been swimming, walking, and biking with no problem. I did kettlebell training yesterday with AD [Andrea DuCane] and made a lot of progress.


So overall the impact of your work thus far has been dramatic. Not one single foot cramp since I saw you and my hip didn't fire up as it sometimes did when I would workout."


- Mary from Minneapolis, after her first session

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"As a fitness professional and Master Kettlebell instructor, I know the importance of getting regular bodywork. I have been going to Jc Drobac for massage/bodywork for the last 3 (or so) years. She has been very helpful in working out overtraining issues that can arise from pushing my body so hard. As an athlete and professional, I find it absolutely essential getting regular bodywork done. I also value the quality of care Jc provides.

She is insightful, and works with me to find a solution for the aches and pains I regularly have.

I feel so strongly about the value of her work that I have referred many of my clients to her."

- Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC from St. Paul

"Jc was wonderful. I heard all positive reports from everyone Jc worked on. Comments were increased range-of-motion, decreased tightness/aches/pains, improved blood flow, and 'it felt great'." Many of the athletes had never had massage before... very positive experience for them. ...excellent attention for what the individual needed. ...very professional...interest in specific athletes and their needs was key... effective treatments and great management of short time spent with multiple athletes. ...appreciated your feedback on issues, and found and that you did not try to treat injuries but worked around them. I would completely recommend Jc to other professional organizations."


- Missy Strauch, Head Athletic Trainer from Augsburg College in Minneapolis

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"Jc listened and asked questions about my gym members'/boxers' needs. I heard all positive comments about [her] regarding the bodywork they received. [She] also helped improve the flexibility in my feet and range of motion, too."


- Lisa Bauch, Upper Cut Boxing Gym, USA Certified Coach, and Board of Directors at Upper Midwest Golden Gloves

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"Jc does great work. She is experienced, knowledgeable, professional and caring. Massage from Jc Drobac has eliminated my upper and lower back tension that I used to have on a regular basis--a lasting improvement... massage is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and I recommend it to my patients to better hold their chiropractic adjustments."


- Rodd Bruntjen, Chiropractor, Mighty Oak Chiropractic in St. Paul

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"I felt 100% after treatment. I didn't feel any tightness in my forearms the next day or next week following Jc's treatment. Jc is very well educated and talented in what she does... She did a very effective job treating each of us [referring to Leslie's partner, also a personal trainer], and was very professional, personable and truly a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend Jc to any of our colleagues or clients."

- Leslie Paulsen, Owner of Fitness on the Run, Certified Personal Trainer, Running & Wellness Coach

and Certified Kettlebells Instructor in Minneapolis

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"Jc really listens and works with you. Her knowledge base is obvious and her application is deep. I have had great pain relief thanks to her work. Thank you!"


- Michael Rendle, Owner of NE Kettlebells, Certified Kettle Bells Instructor in Minneapolis

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"JC Drobac is a great asset to my 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon training. I've been seeing her about my calf and quadricep issues for several months now, and each visit has been complete with an assessment of where I'm at with my training, what my goals are for completing my next race, and how I am going to get there in order to succeed. She has the medical knowledge and experience necessary to deliver sound advice from a beginner to an expert runner. I'd recommend her work for runners and other athletes alike."

- Dan Vogel, Assistant Coach at Augsburg Track & Field Team in Minneapolis

Congratulations to Dan for finishing 19 out of 1880 runners in October 2009's Toronto Marathon - with a 6.50 mile pace! 

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"I am an active, healthy, 60-year-old male. I play tennis 2-3 times per week, year round; and I play golf 3 times per week (walking and carrying my club) during golf season. About 3-4 years ago, I began seeing massage therapist Jc Drobac, who introduced me to deep tissue massage. I have been receiving DT massage since that time and I attribute my reduction of muscle pain, particularly after exercise, to this method. It has also increased my flexibility. I would highly recommend deep tissue massage as well as Jc. She is competent, caring and professional as well as does a great job."


- Craig, Attorney in Minneapolis

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"When I started seeing Jc Drobac, I was suffering from significant pain from a chronic back condition. Jc has had a significant impact on improving my ability to work through the muscle and joint issues and return to a normal, pain-free life. I regularly run, golf and "tussle" with my 3 young kids. I can participate fully in my personal and family activities in a way I couldn't before I began working with Jc. She is very responsive to patient feedback and is a joy to work with."


-  Phil, College Instructor in Minneapolis

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"Jc takes the time to understand what I need from each session and what worked from the last session. Massage provides relaxation, stress relief and a solution to the headaches and wrist pain. I no longer have frequent wrist pain and my headaches are more manageable."


- Jenny, Banking/Mortgage Industry in Falcon Heights

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"I have to tell you that after just ONE session with Jc, the constant migraine/headache pain I had been living with--NONSTOP DAY AND NIGHT FOR THE LAST 2 1/2 YEARS - was at about 10%. After the second session, the next week it was gone and has been gone now for over two months. I owe my being functional and not bedridden anymore to Jc's work. My husband is so happy that I actually go out and do things with him now, instead of going to work and coming home so exhausted from my headaches I go straight to bed. 

So am I!

My quality of life has done a 180. I can't thank you enough. I only wished I'd known about you 

(and that massage could actually bring relief--it had not done that before) years ago."


- Arlene, High School Teacher in St. Paul

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"I can no longer feel the knots in my back area. I originally came in due to not being able to raise my arm due to a [previously] dislocated shoulder. Now I can raise it with no problem. I would recommend for anyone who has had an injury to a muscle to get a deep tissue massage by Jc."


- T.F., Police Officer in St. Paul

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"I have a very minor case of cerebral palsy, which compromises my balance, coordination and gait. This limits my physical activity and ability to participate in sports/activities to some degree. 

[Improvements from massage therapy treatments?] Absolutely! 

My gait and flexibility have improved significantly!

My weight distribution is more even, rather than favoring my right side. Jc is great! I am a naturally skeptical person about nearly everything, but I am a believer when it comes to the positive therapy Jc provides.

The improvements I have experienced are real and I've made a significant advancement in my quality of life."


--David, Government Worker in St. Paul

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"[With one treatment] my forearm pain is gone!"


- Roxanne, Kettlebells Member, Certified Kettlebells Instructor in Minneapolis

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"Before therapeutic massage treatments: "[My] movement was very limited; [I experienced] chronic hip/pelvic pain." After treatments: "[Daily] improved flexibility and movement; less pain; improved mood."


- Andy, Landscape Company Owner in Eden Prairie

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"I gained flexibility in my foot in ONE treatment."


- Marcie, Kettlebells Member in Minneapolis

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"Most intense massage I've experienced. Fabulous!"


- Don, Kettlebells Member in Minneapolis

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"Three words: NO MORE HEADACHES!"


- Rod, Printing Industry in Fridley

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"I came to see Jc Drobac about a year ago because my left hamstring restriction was limiting my daily runs more and more. I'd dropped out of my last marathon--mid-race--due to the extreme limitation and pain. I assumed my marathon days were over, but still wanted to be able to run 5-7 miles, 4-6x/week, if possible. What Jc did for my glute/hamstring area in the very first session was amazing!! I felt it release on the massage table and it has never gone back to that tightness. I am back to being able to do my marathons again and Jc is helping me train for the upcoming Twin Cities Marathon now. She really knows how to get in there and work those deep tension areas. It's not always comfortable, but it's never more than "tolerable discomfort" when there are heavy issues--and it sure works! Thanks, Jc. You're the best!"


- M.T., Teacher in St. Paul

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"I am feeling GREAT!! Your skill is amazing!! After our session, I was a little tired that evening but quite refreshed Friday. You weren't kidding: my kidneys did go into overdrive. There were times it was like the Energizer bunny--I kept going and going . . . My endurance for the Friday 5 p.m. Kettlebells class shot way up! I could not believe that I should have used size 2 (kettle bell) instead of starting out at a size 1 pair of bells. I could snatch a 2 (after treatment) so much better than I have been able to do before. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Know that I am eager to see you at our next appointment. This may be what I have needed to help move me to the next level--carefully, but surely.

What a difference in how I felt at class on Friday!"


- M.L., Registered Nurse in Minneapolis

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"I've been active my whole adult life: bicycling, hiking, running and sea kayaking to name a few of my activities. I've also worked at a job for more than 30 years that requires me to be on my feet for the bulk of the day, and also requires a steady dose of repetitive lifting. Needless to say, my body has taken a beating. Despite my age (55) and my heavily used body, I still have physical goals that I wish to meet. I met one of those goals--running the Twin Cities Marathon in 2008--with the help of Jc Drobac. I'm convinced that if it weren't for the frequent massage sessions that I had with Jc, I would not have been successful. Her interview process and her attention to detail made sure that we were able to head off injuries that, in the past, would have interfered with my training. When I decide on my next physical goal, you can be sure that I will be making time for massage sessions with Jc."


- R.J.B., Warehouse Manager in Minneapolis

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"I don't have headaches anymore [since bodywork sessions began] and my head feels lighter and clearer all the way down my neck. And after you work on me, I can always hear a lot better! I haven't had to call an ambulance even once for pain since you started working on me [We figured Dorothy's prior average two ambulance visits per month routine was costing her over $8,000 a year out-of-pocket]. My sinuses are much clearer and I have no more eye pain [from sinus congestion/headaches] or neck pain anymore. 

You made the pain in my leg go away after one time!


[Dorothy was told by her doctors that due to her past chemo treatments, she would likely have to endure the constant pain in her leg for the rest of her life, making her movements/walking difficult, and creating a heavy reliance on her cane]."

- Dorothy, retired/86 years old, Lauderdale

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"Jc has been able to cut through the tension in my shoulder area, which has bothered me for years. Now I barely ever feel it (only when super stressed--i.e., driving). Overall, I feel more balanced and relaxed due to having sessions with her. We highly recommend her to our clients in our business. Thank you, Jc!"


- J.L., Chiropractic Director in St. Paul

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"I cannot thank you enough for your concern and your thoughtfulness. You have been so generous and there really aren't any words to properly thank you for all that you're doing to help me. I thank God every day for finding you. All I can give you right now is my sincere gratitude--you are better than any doctor pill. Thank you so much!"


- J.B., Unemployed, Forest Lake

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