Improve all aspects of your life with Structural Rehabilitation!

If you've been told your posture is unchangeable, or even "you're just getting old, get used to it," and "You can't change the shape of your spine"... NOT TRUE!

Poor posture -- and the painful or uncomfortable effects of it -- can be changed at any time. Conditions like Dowager's Hump ("hunchback"), scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and other spinal issues can be improved, too -- at any time.   

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See the inspiring improvements for yourself...

BEFORE: Juliana (age 65) credits her 40+ years of computer work in helping her develop a severe hunchback (Dowager's Hump), rounded shoulder, and extreme jutting forward of her neck.

AFTER: Juliana's structural improvements include more upright posture, a flatter back and improved neck alignment -- all in just 3 sessions! Juliana is enjoying her new alignment, and says she sleeps much better and has less anxiety as a result!

BEFORE: Jacque (age 60) is very active as a runner, skier, roller blade enthusiast, self-employed house painter, husband, father and grandfather. But even with his very active lifestyle, he acquired the dreaded rounded back and jutting-forward neck 

and head, just like Juliana. 

AFTERJacque saw significant improvement to his neck and back posture in just 3 structural-rehabilitation sessions.  

He says his workouts feel easier and more productive, and he feels his energy level and stamina have increased, too. 



BEFORE: Cory’s chronic knee pain and stiffness reduced her to walking with a cane most of her days.

AFTER: Cory is much more upright, and can walk comfortably without her cane for many hours or days longer than before she structural rehab bodywork. She says she feels stronger now, and notices she is in a better mood, too.



BEFORE: Jaime's posture was misaligned (see her tilting to our left/her right side) before structural rehabilitation treatments. She also had joint and muscle pain in her entire back, knees, left hamstring, the left ball of her foot -- and also had sciatic pain running down the back of her left leg. Her sciatic pain was so bad, she was only able to sleep for short periods of time. 

AFTER: Jaime's shoulder/torso balanced nicely, and the muscle and joint pain that affected her back, knees, hamstrings, foot and sciatic pain all subsided as a result. Jaime's thrilled to enjoy good sleep again, too!



BEFORE: Dave full-time work is physically intense and includes heavy lifting, too. And though he stays very active and fit, his neck went out—he couldn't move it for a week. Then he started having headaches and taking over-the-counter medication daily to keep pain away. His right shoulder and scapula muscles were stuck, which caused him to overuse his left side. Notice his uneven shoulders—even his head and ear were pulled to the right.

AFTER: Dave's structural rehabilitation took just 2 treatments, and his shoulders realigned nicely. Dave's happy to be out of pain; he said he's "feeling good…. I've had no headaches, and my back and neck feel good. And I'm able to do a lot more about the shop [his work] more comfortably."



BEFORE: Lynn's arrived with neck and shoulder pain after falling a few weeks earlier. Lynn is a hard-working executive who logs a lot of computer time, which has created poor posture over the years. 

Notice Lynn’s "before" photos (above, left side) show extreme forward neck flexion (the neck juts forward), and a very rounded back on the profile photo, compared to a much smoother, upright posture on the right-side photo.  

Also, notice Lynn's "before" frontal view (above left) and how raised just her left shoulder was, and how both shoulders have released and are nicely even in the "after" photo on the right. 

AFTER: Lynn was thrilled that after just 2 structural rehabilitation sessions later, her extreme neck flexion and rounded-back posture improved dramatically -- and she was out of pain!

Why Structural Rehabilitation?

The human head weighs 10-15 pounds. For every inch it's not resting squarely on top of the neck, 

it adds 10 or more pounds of pressure to the neck... Ouch! Over time, this can wear down the spine, cause headaches, create chronic neck and upper back or shoulder pain -- even reduce blood flow to the brain. 

What is it?  

Structural rehabilitation consists of two-hour-long treatments which include various bodywork techniques 

that serve to soften the fascia (under-the-skin webbing) and muscles. As we soften these areas through slow, deep strokes, 

we are then able to begin breaking down  scar tissue, bone calcification or other restrictions that contribute to 

these long-held spinal, fascial and even muscular misalignments. 

Ultimately, the body releases old adhesions, allowing it to return to its original state. 

It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen.


What are the benefits for me?  

A more upright posture not only looks younger, heathier and stronger, but can also help you: 


• Gain flexibility and greater range of motion (so you move easier)

• Use fewer pain-relieving medication (which can cause stomach and liver issues)

• Reduce the risk of falling, injury and broken bones 

• Feel better doing the activities you love -- which means you're more active! 

How do I get started? 

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Jc Drobac is a certified and licensed massage therapist with 19 years experience helping clients resolve pain through structural rehabilitation and bodywork. She enjoys empowering her clients to live their best lives!


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