Margaret Experiences Life-Changing Results: A Success Story

Published October 14, 2019 by Jc Drobac

Detox Bodywork Series (DBS) and bodywork treatments have made a huge impact on Margaret during the last six months.


Since beginning therapy, Margaret's back pain has significantly decreased, allowing her to exercise again; her anxiety and depression have gotten under control, she has not needed to take her anti-depressant medication, and she hasn’t needed her usual fall-time inhaler! Her allergies have decreased, constipation and dairy allergies have disappeared, her previously-constant ear ache has gotten better, range of motion after a rotator cuff injury has improved, and even her skin complexion has become more clear. Margaret’s hands and feet are no longer consistently cold, her sleeping patterns have improved, and because she feels less stressed, she isn’t grinding her teeth like she used to.


When I started working with Margaret a half-year ago, her back and shoulder pain had hindered any attempts at working out, and her weight gain concerned both her and her family. Margaret’s improvements — including much less back pain — combined with her great attitude, have let her meet and exceed a lot of her DBS Therapy goals, and she is continuing to work on others. Our measurements demonstrate that Margaret has lost a total of 3.5” off her waist so far. She now works out 3 to 5 times per week, with cardio and weight-resistance training. She practices portion-control with every meal, and recently bought herself a new scale and is excited about working on losing 150 pounds. She will soon be traveling to Ireland with a friend, where she knows her recent weight loss will boost her energy levels and allow her to explore with ease.


You’re truly an inspiration — way to go, Margaret!

Read below to learn the details of the vast improvements Margaret has been experiencing.




ANGER, ANXIETY, & DEPRESSION: Margaret was diagnosed with clinical depression — doctors guessed she doesn’t produce enough serotonin and may have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — and for nearly 2 decades she has increased medication (Wellbutrin & Zoloft) between October to April each year to manage this.


Pre-therapy, Margaret said she generally doesn’t feel anxiety in her daily life during the summer when she’s not teaching. But, as much as she loves teaching, she has experienced chronic high anxiety during the school year for the last 19 years because of the doubts and anxiety she puts on herself. She was nervous about going back to school because she worried she'll be “a wreck,” getting physically ill with nausea and diarrhea, spending a lot of time in the bathroom feeling sick. She figured it’s because she wanted things to go perfectly. She worried about not knowing the new kids coming in, and about what she can’t control, and general self-doubt. It still usually takes her a month or more to feel less anxious at the beginning of the school year, but now the high anxiety is mostly confined to school conferences. Before DBS therapy, when she asked whether she wanted to get off the Wellbutrin and Zoloft, Margaret admitted she felt too scared to let go of them.


Post-therapy, Margaret explains: "I was on medication for anxiety, but found in this [DSB therapy] process that I haven't needed the anxiety meds because the only anxiety I deal with now comes from the stressful but more occasional situations (like conferences) at work, and I think I've learned how to control it through breathing and relaxation. Sometimes I still do get nervous, but I feel more comfortable managing it and I'm not in a constant state of anxiety now.


This is the first year in over a decade that Margaret is medication-free going into the cold season!



ACID REFLUX: Margaret was experiencing heartburn daily when not taking Prilosec. 

Post-therapy, she still takes 1 Prilosec capsule daily as she focuses on weight loss, hoping when she gets her weight down that she won't need it anymore.



ALLERGIES: Before therapy, Margaret felt she’s 75-80% better than years ago (had lots of sneezing and congestion, constant runny noise). 

Post-therapy, she hasn’t need any allergy medicine at all — no antihistamine and no nasal spray, even when pollen started — since her first DBS therapy session!



RESPIRATORY: Margaret’s colds or flus have turned into bronchitis every winter for the last 6 to 8 years. The doctors think its asthma due to how consistent it is every year. She has needed a nebulizer and inhaler every winter starting in November or December through early spring. She was using the inhaler in emergencies when she couldn’t breathe, and used a nebulizer daily, depending on how bad the coughing got. She took Advair regularly, too, to help bronchitis symptoms.


Post-therapy, she hasn’t needed need a nebulizer, inhaler OR Advair. Stay tuned until spring to hear if she has enjoyed her first bronchitis-free winter in nearly a decade.



BLADDER ISSUES: Since her hysterectomy, Margaret had lost the signal letting her know when she needs to void bladder, resulting in bladder urgency and incontinence.


Post-therapy, Margaret says she can feel the need to void her bladder much earlier, and the incontinence has improved by around 80% so far!



COLD HANDS/FEET:  Margaret had both cold hands and feet for as long as she can remember.  Her body temperature was only 97.1. She always wore long sleeves and sweaters, even in 75 to 80-degree weather, because she described herself as “always cold,” and always used blankets on her bed, even on hot summer nights.


After DBS therapy, her previously low body temperature has increased, and she only needs a sheet when sleeping at night in the summer, even while using air conditioning! This is something very unusual for her, she says.



CONSTIPATION: Bowel movements were 2 to 3 times each day. 

Post-therapy, Margaret has 4 to 5 bowel movements per day — a great improvement!



DAIRY INTOLERANCE/SENSITIVITIES: Margaret had a dairy sensitivity, and any ice cream would cause diarrhea. 

Post-therapy, she has been able to eat dairy, including ice cream with no diarrhea.



DIZZINESS / EAR-RELATED ISSUES: Margaret says she experiences dizziness but only when has ear infections. She would get ear infections 2 times per year, then would go to the doctor to get antibiotics. She also had ear infections all her life. Pre-therapy, her right ear hurt all the time. 

She described it as a “dull version of a dull ear infection pain.”


Ever since the first month of DBS therapy, the dull ache in her right ear has discontinued and is still gone!



EYESIGHT DECREASE: She has always had bad eyesight, and it gets worse every year. She’s worn glasses since age 5. She can't see near or far and has astigmatism. There is growth on her left eye the doctors are calling a "freckle,"  and the doctors are just watching it to see it doesn't get worse.  


Post-therapy, the “freckle” is still there, but no growth.



FINGERNAILS: Her fingernail strength was poor. They only grow only so far, then break off. Sometimes she would bite her nails if they reached a certain length. 

Post-therapy, Margaret describes her nails as much stronger and harder to bite.



HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Her blood pressure is normal, 117 or less / 80 or less. 

Post-therapy, her blood pressure is still normal and healthy.



JOINT / MUSCLE PAIN: Margaret experienced chronic/acute pain in her neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, foot. She had lower right-hand side back pain because she'd thrown it out every couple of years; she also experienced dull throbbing pain spread out across her entire back. She noticed the soreness when reaching to grab or pick up things. Occasionally her right ankle would be sore/dull, with throbbing pain from having torn her ligaments 10 years ago; she sometimes wore a orthopedic boot at night to protect it.


Due to her plantar fasciitis, she couldn't put pressure on both feet on ground. Her pain was at a 6 out of 10. Now, she’s at a 4/10. She couldn't put full weight on it when first waking up. Margaret has done chiropractic, yoga, and stretching, and was not accustomed to this kind of pain in her feet.


She also had frequent right hip tightness, and often needed 2 or more bolsters under knees to minimize intense low back pain while on the massage table.


Post-DBS therapy, her back sometimes still hurts, but it’s much less intense and less frequent.



TORN ROTATOR CUFF: Margaret tore her right rotator cuff 3 years ago from breaking up a fight at school. When reaching overhead or lifting (like when she’s doing a lot of overhead writing on the board in her classroom), she constantly felt pain.


Post-therapy, this has improved greatly. She says, “I have much more range of motion and can reach higher for longer, like writing on the board, without my shoulder being in pain.



RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME: If she hadn’t used her muscles much that day because she was sitting in meetings, she regularly experienced restless leg syndrome. 

Post-DBS therapy, Margaret says she rarely experiences this anymore.



SKIN ISSUES: She was experiencing acne, rosacea on her face, eczema, and dryness. 

Post-therapy, her complexion is mostly even and clear, and she has little to no redness remaining!



SLEEP DISTURBANCES: It often took Margaret 30 minutes to fall asleep, and she would wake often in the night due to hip pain. 

Post-therapy, her sleep has greatly improved. She falls asleep at night easily and experiences more nights of better-quality sleep!



TEETH GRINDING: She has a customized mouth-guard made by her dentist to help with teeth-grinding. She will wear if feeling stressed at work.


Post-therapy, it's now mid-October and Margaret hasn’t needed the mouth-guard since the school year started! Her main source of anxiety and stress has been teaching — though she loves it! — and since her anxiety around this has improved, her jaw doesn’t feel so tight when sleeping or waking.

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