Immune-Strengthening, Health-Inspiring Results

Published February 3, 2020 by Jc Drobac

Charlotte, a very youthful 68-year old, works out at the gym 3 early mornings each week with cardio and weights, and then runs around all day on Monday though Friday chasing her young daycare children, which she’s done for 40 years.

Charlotte’s significant DBS Therapy results are very inspiring! Her story provides insight to a truly proactive approach to staying well.

"I think [DBS therapy] gave me a jump start on what I needed. I thought I was healthy, but now I can be healthier. I do a lot of good things for myself, but there's always more to do."

1. Arthritis & Swelling in the Hands and Fingers

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte applied emu oil and peppermint essential oils each morning and evening. She also rubbed Frankincense, wintergreen, lemongrass and eucalyptus mixed with coconut oil on knuckles daily. Her fingers were swollen and felt stiff, but were not painful. Charlotte had trouble picking up things with her right hand, too (this started 3 years ago or more)⁠—the right thumb especially; it doesn't hurt but is weak. Both wrists felt weak, too. Her fingers were so swollen Charlotte couldn't take her left-hand rings off.

AFTER: Swelling and stiffness are both gone! To learn what happened with Charlotte's trouble with being able to pick things up and not drop them, see "Numbness" below.

2. Numbness in Fingers/Thumbs of Both Hands

For the last 4 years, both of Charlotte’s hands and all her fingers and thumbs suffered much numbness, which also affected her grip. Our DBS Therapy helped Charlotte reduce a lot of inflammation that may have been contributing to her hands' nerve impingement. Charlotte has regained full sensation of pinkies and ring fingers on both hands (possibly indicating ulnar nerve impingement), and these fingers are not numb anymore.

However, her 1st three fingers on each hand are still numb; we are continuing do bodywork to help release the medial nerves that may be causing nerve impingement and likely the cause of the remaining fingers/thumbs numbness. We'll keep you posted on Charlotte's progress!

3. Headaches

BEFORE DBS: Sometimes headaches on her temples, started within the last month.

AFTER: No more headaches!

4. Dizziness (Hypoglycemia)

BEFORE DBS: Sometimes experienced dizziness upon standing.

AFTER: No more dizziness episodes.

5. Ear Pain

BEFORE DBS: Sometimes would have pain in both ears.

AFTER: No more ear pain.

6. Bladder Issues

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte didn't feel that she could empty her bladder fully, and noticed a slower stream; also had urgency and incontinence.

AFTER: Charlotte feels she more fully empties her bladder now, and that the stream is stronger much of the time. She has also noticed a decrease in urgency and incontinence. She says she is also up fewer times in the night to empty her bladder.


BEFORE DBS: Charlotte sometimes experienced choking, trouble swallowing, belching, or even throwing up, and the occasional upset stomach; she says her heartburn is definitely getting worse⁠—it was up to 3-4x/week after eating.

AFTER: Now, after eating, she has no more choking, trouble swallowing, belching, throwing up or upset stomach, and only occasional heartburn after eating.

8. Knee Pain

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte had pain behind the knees which was triggered when she climbed stairs.

AFTER: Week after week she notices less pain behind knees! It's mostly gone now, though back of right knee occasionally hurts.

9. Hyperpigmentation (Liver Spots)

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte says the large liver spots she's had on the tops of her forearms have been there for years.

AFTER: All the liver spots have faded considerably.

10. Fingernails

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte says her fingernails would break easily.

AFTER: She noticed that during and after the treatments, they are much stronger.

11. Hair (Greying)

BEFORE DBS: Says she noticed grey hair starting about 5 years ago.

AFTER: Charlotte notices much less grey hair after the Detox-Bodywork Series.

12. Cold Hands & Feet

BEFORE DBS: Her body temperature has run cold for as long as she can remember.

AFTER: Charlotte reports that she feels less cold all the time.

13. TMJ Jaw Tension

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte could have lower jaw/front-of-neck pain and even temple pain due to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) tension.

AFTER: Charlotte is very aware of any low-grade jaw tension now, and does jaw stretching if she senses it creeping up, which keeps it much more manageable.

14. Bowel Movements

BEFORE DBS: Had 2-3 bowel movements/day

AFTER: Has 4-8/day.

15. Neck Pain / 25 Years of Chiropractic

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte has had chronic neck stiffness for 25 years. She has had weekly chiropractic appointments for the last 25 + years, though she feels this only helps a little⁠—often she would feel worse the next day after an adjustment.

AFTER: Charlotte's neck stiffness continues to improve weekly due to much less inflammation holding it tight (she even stopped weekly chiropractic appointments in December 2019). Now that the inflammation surrounding her neck is so much less, we can do gentle bodywork to help realign her spine, and loosen the surrounding muscles to help KEEP her spine in alignment, training her neck back into its original aligned state for longer and longer periods of time until it adapts to this position naturally and doesn't need resetting.

16. Energy Levels

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte said her energy level is usually "8 during the day," but says by Friday nights she is typically so exhausted she can easily go to sleep as early as 7pm if she doesn't have plans.

AFTER: Charlotte's energy level is "8" or better now, and she's able to stay energized more consistently throughout the day⁠—and doesn't feel the need to fall into bed exhausted by Friday at 7pm anymore.

17. Chronic Sinus Congestion

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte had said she feels like her sinuses are chronically congested.

AFTER: Notices she's draining more sinus discharge⁠—it doesn't feel chronically congested now.

18. Traction Machine for Numbness

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte bought and used a traction machine twice day (morning and evening) for the last 4 years, in hopes of it helping the numbness she felt in her fingers for the last 4 years. Though it didn't seem to be improving it, Charlotte continued to use the machine in hopes of retaining the little sensation she had left in the fingers of both hands⁠—she said she hoped to prevent it from getting worse, at least.

AFTER: Charlotte has regained full sensation in the last 2 fingers on each hand so far. (See "Neck Pain" above.) We will apply bodywork to her spine and neck muscles to realign the spine and loosen surrounding muscles (that can pull the spine out of alignment) in hopes of releasing any medial-nerve entrapment that may be contributing to her remaining finger numbness. We'll keep you posted! Charlotte doesn't use the traction machine since she started DBS sessions.

19. Shoulder Restriction

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte fell down and hurt her left shoulder 2 years ago. She can reach for things without pain, but still feels some restriction to the area on the front of the shoulder.

AFTER: Left shoulder restriction is gone, even though DBS treatments do NOT actually massage the shoulders in any way.

20. Water Intake

BEFORE DBS: Took in 80 ounces of water each day. This was a decent amount of water⁠—and yet her fingers and palms of hands and toes were still wrinkled, is a a sign of dehydration.

AFTER: Charlotte's water intake has increased nearly 50%⁠—she is drinking 106 to 126 ounces most days, and the wrinkled hands and toes are gone!

21. Sleep Issues

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte struggled to get good sleep at night. She used a homeopathic sleep aid nightly, and still dealt with insomnia multiple nights per week.

AFTER: Charlotte is sleeping better now than she did with the sleep aid! She works on relaxing more often and is able to fall back to sleep now after waking to empty her bladder in the night (she wakes up just 1-2x/night now, versus the 2-3x/night before the DBS treatments).

She is also making more time for sleep by getting to bed a little earlier and sleeping in a little more a few days each week. She still suffers the occasional poor night's sleep, but she realizes this is usually due to anxiety around the next day's events, and accepts that this is situation-specific. Charlotte will keep working on relaxing (without sleep aids) with deep breathing which can assist in her returning to sleep sometimes. She says she feels she is getting more complete sleep and feels more rested in the mornings.

22. Scleroderma (hard skin on palms of hands/bottom of feet)

BEFORE DBS: Skin on the bottoms of feet and toes hard.

AFTER: Charlotte says the bottoms of her feet are much softer, and thinks fingers/palms of hand are softer, too.

23. Sugar Cravings

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte struggles to keep sugar as low as she'd like, and believes she craves it frequently.

AFTER: She has noticed a definite decrease in sugar cravings most of the time now.

24. Inflammation of Face

BEFORE DBS: Charlotte's face was noticeably puffy on the sides and jawline.

AFTER: Photos that Charlotte took of herself before and after DBS show considerably less puffiness to face.

Unexpected Benefits: Saved Time and Money!

  • Charlotte would spend 2-3 hours every month parceling out pill packs (for breakfast/AM, lunch, evening dosages)⁠—she now has most of that time back!
  • She gets back 30 minutes every day that she used to spend on traction on neck: 15 minutes in morning; 15 minutes in night.
  • Charlotte was getting weekly chiropractic treatments for the last 25 years, which cost her 30 minutes every week⁠—that's 2 hours she gets back every month!
  • She saves $120/month with no more chiropractic expense now.
  • Charlotte's muscle-testing sessions revealed that her body didn't want or need 2/3 of the supplements she had been taking daily. Charlotte hasn't calculated how much money she is saving, but says "lots!" by buying fewer supplements now.
  • She notices her clothes fit her easier after the DBS treatments.

GREAT WORK, CHARLOTTE! Her dedication to this process really paid off⁠—24 symptoms improved, as well as money and time saved⁠—and who doesn't love to fit their clothes better?!

We'll keep you posted as to Charlotte's fingers/hands numbness in a future issue.