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Pain and Symptom Resolution  

& Body Management

for Improved Quality of Life


About WSB

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website...

I'm Jc Drobac, a certified/licensed massage therapist for 17 years.

During that time I've worked in chiropractic offices, health clinics, a backrub & spa settings, 

many local gyms about town, had a home studio, and am currently located at

2010 East Hennepin Ave, in NE/SE Minneapolis (1/2 block off Stinson Boulevard at Taft Street).  


I graduated from Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork,

and have been a member of ABMP (Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals) since 2001.

St. Paul born and raised, I am licensed in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and California, and have passed the national massage and bodywork licensing exam (MBLEx).

If you're looking for specialized bodywork to support a healthier you, 

I may be able to support your journey...

Massage therapy has a 2,000-year history of increasing longevity, flexibility and improved quality of life for its devotees--and each year, the numbers of those who discover these benefits grows.

Many of my clients originally arrive needing rehabilitation assistance from an issue causing pain or limitation. or seeking pain relief from chronic neck or back,

a restricted shoulder, TMJ or plantar fasciitis, or chronic headaches.

Others choose bodywork because it can support maintaining flexibility, range-of-motion, general loosening of hypertonic muscle tissue or lymphatic/toxin-flushing work before an upcoming event,or just to keep them at their "everyday best" as a part of their self-care routine. What many soon find out is that therapeutic bodywork treatments can contribute to so much more than simple neck or back pain relief--or even a good  toxin flush.

Bodywork can (and often does) add to the framework of a more balanced,

all-around healthier life plan.

(Read Client Feedback to hear more about some clients experiences.)


Professional Philosophy

I believe that massage, like all natural health-care modalities, is an important part of a healthy-body support system. Among other things, the techniques used in therapeutic massage support flexibility in clients muscles, ligaments and tendons, which, in turn, creates 

an increased range-of-motion in the movement of the body.

These techniques (which passively stretch and elongate the muscle fibers) also assist by helping flush toxins from the tissues and serve to strengthen the immune system, which supports the body in fighting disease and much more (see below). Then, what naturally happens when we feel less limitation and pain when moving is, we are apt to be and stay more active;and then we find truth in the old adage 

"bodies in motion, stay in motion."

As always, I am humbled by each opportunity I get to work as a team with self-motivated clients as we create bodywork sessions that support their goals of reducing or resolving chronic or acute pain,

or just generally maintaining their healthy body status quo.

With each therapy session, you will see that any massage therapist is

merely a conduit in your treatment session's progress.

It's YOU the client who creates the real opportunity and willingness necessary to allow the healing to begin.