About Our Therapy

WholeSelf Bodywork offers several types of therapy including Detox Bodywork Series, Structural Rehabilitation, and Bodywork!

Detox Bodywork Series (DBS) Therapy

Detox Bodywork Series (DBS) is a pain-free, relaxing process that combines several effective detoxifying bodywork modalities into weekly 90-minute sessions. This process helps the body to release toxins lodged in various areas such as the brain, intestines and other organs, muscles, the lymph system, and joints. It allows the body to reset itself to a lower operating "tempo," creating less wear and tear on the entire body.

DBS helps to provide pain relief for acute and chronic conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Structural Rehabilitation Therapy

If you've been told your posture is unchangeable, or even "you're just getting old, get used to it," or "you can't change the shape of your spine"... don't believe them. It's not true!

Structural rehabilitation sessions are two-hour-long treatments that consist of various bodywork techniques that serve to soften the fascia (under-the-skin webbing) and muscles. As we soften these areas through slow, deep strokes, we are then able to begin breaking down scar tissue, calcification or other restrictions that contribute to these long-held spinal, fascial and even muscular misalignments.

Bodywork Therapy

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Cupping is very relaxing, and most clients report ease of movement after a session. A movement-based version of cupping can be applied instead, which does not leave red marks and only flushes the skin on the area temporarily, providing many of the same increased blood and lymphatic flow results without the cupping marks.