Massage Therapy Northeast Minneapolis
Massage Therapy Northeast Minneapolis
Massage Therapy Northeast Minneapolis

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About WholeSelf Bodywork

Why "WholeSelf"? Our intention is to integrate the whole self into each healing session. 


With respect to tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Hindu philosophy & metaphysical causes, along with basics of physiology and Western Medicine, our approach deepens and we strive to listen to what the body is telling us. Next, we work together to find root cause of these recurring issues, so they can heal naturally—and ideally—permanently! 


This combined approach to pain and symptom resolution has had phenomenal results over the years. There is nothing more rewarding than working with my clients to help them live free of pain!


When we begin to listen to our bodies and symptoms, and when we start to address and not suppress them, the healing begins. Reach out to me to schedule a session!

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open."

- B.K.S. Iyengar

About The Therapist, Jc Drobac

Bodywork has been my passion for the past 18 years. After graduating with my certificate from Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork in Northeast Minneapolis, I've worked at chiropractic clinics, wellness centers, and on-site sporting events such as boxing & kettlebells gyms, 5K's, 10K's, and marathons. I have always operated out of my own studio, WholeSelf Bodywork, as well. I am licensed and certified in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and California, and have completed the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLx). Together, we find the root cause of your chronic or acute pain so you can heal naturally—and ideally—permanently! 


I have a long personal history of acute and chronic pain, including a nightstand full of increasing-dosage medication for decades. I understand the pain accompanying chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, physical trauma, headaches, spinal/disc pain, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. This is why helping clients through their "healing journey" to physical and mental freedom is so important to me.


Twenty-five years ago -- after my doctor told me I should go on disability for my chronic pain and that I would never recover from fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and only manage the pain for the rest of my life with many more medications to come, I started getting massage as part of my own healing journey. After one year of receiving weekly massage, I felt somewhat better, and opted to stop all the pain medications I was on. After another year, I was pain free! It was incredible.


I can't imagine where I'd be today without having had those amazing bodywork experiences (thank you, Margie Turek--caring and wonderful massage therapist extraordinaire.  I was Margie's very last client. To this day I question if she intentionally passed on her love of bodywork through all those sessions where she helped me to heal. Rest in peace, Beautiful Margie. :).  The bodywork I received changed my life beyond words, and I knew I had to continue with work. This time, it was my turn to help others. I realized my passion is helping others be free from their pain, too. At this point, I began to pursue my bodywork training.


I've worked with countless numbers of people over the years that have been told they, too, would never overcome their pain, illness, or handicap. I understand the despair in their faces and voices when they come to my studio feeling resigned to this life sentence, not knowing what else to do.


Unless you've experienced the burden of chronic, debilitating pain, it's difficult to describe. The isolation and loneliness is almost paralyzing. It can be a living nightmare, as many would agree. This is why I don’t subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" philosophy when it comes to working with clients. By the time most clients arrive at my door, they've had enough pain for a lifetime — they’re ready for the healing process to begin.

My approach is one of teamwork and trust. I highly respect your current pain levels and together we build trust so you feel entirely relaxed during your entire session. In order to break your pain cycle, we first must allow your hypersensitive nerves to relax, which signals to your body that it is safe to let go; that there is no need for “fight or flight.” We do this with slow, comfortable pressure, and techniques at a pressure that works for you. This allows the body to relax, breathe, and release. From there, the healing begins.

Since graduation nearly 2 decades ago, I'm a anatomy and biology junkie, constantly working on building my repertoire by learning new and powerful bodywork modalities that we can incorporate into your individualized sessions to get incredible results.


By using craniosacral therapy to neuromuscular therapy to myofascial release and more, I've worked with folks to assist them in recovering from grueling migraines; throbbing back and neck pain; arms they couldn't lift above their elbows; feet and knees that forced them to use canes, walkers, and even wheelchairs; shooting sciatic pain that prevented good sleep or a comfortable car ride; painful cramping and digestion issues that prevented enjoying the foods they loved; sleep apnea and the terrifying choking; chronic overheating that kept folks from travel or even being outside during Minnesota's wonderful summers; anxiety that keeps hearts and minds racing; depression that held them hostage in their own beds; and various other clients absolutely distraught with chronic pain.


To witness the powerful benefits of structural bodywork and the Detox Bodywork Series (DBS) is indescribable. It’s incredibly rewarding to see folks released from their mental and physical chains. It’s miraculous, what the body can do and how well it can heal (when just given a little help ;).


A consultation (or a combined consultation + bodywork session) includes a walking, standing, and table assessment, and an intake form and discussion. From there we can work together to structure a treatment plan that works for your schedule and budget.

Contact Me!

Email to schedule your consultation appointment today. 

The sooner we start, the closer you are to getting your life back!