A Success Story of Freedom & Empowerment Through DBS Therapy

Published August 16, 2019 by Jc Drobac

Jaime is a semi-retired teacher, poet & martial artist. She turns 70 in September. Jaime was also diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer earlier this year, and had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor.

Before DBS, Jaime was experiencing a wide range of symptoms, and made great improvements after 2 months of Detox Bodywork Series Therapy!

1. ACID REFLUX: Jaime was experiencing phlegm, occasional spontaneous choking, and post-nasal drip. After Detox-Bodywork Series (2 month later), Jaime exclaims: "I had NO acid reflux at all last week. And the only time I had a choking episode was due to swallowing water wrong. I wake up feeling much clearer in sinuses, and have no post-nasal at this time."

2. ALLERGIES: Jaime was experiencing spring allergies—tree pollen—and fall allergies—ragweed and wasps. After Detox-Bodywork Series: "Spring allergies were considerably less troubling than expected for this time of year. I was up in Bemidji and exposed to new allergens, and I did sneeze more when I was there, but I didn't get itchy eyes or need to use an antihistamine -- so that's an improvement. I noticed I can smell things more now, too"


3. ANGER & ANXIETY: Jaime says feels her anxiety levels have been high since 2016. After Detox-Bodywork Series: "I notice my stress level feels more manageable and more specific focused (for example, if I have a trip coming up and have a lot to get done before), not generalized."


4. ASTHMA: Jame explains, "I have mild asthma; I have an albuterol inhaler, which I use occasionally. And I use Flonase daily. After Detox-Bodywork Series: I haven't needed to use the albuterol inhaler since we started the Detox sessions. I'm much less congested in the morning. I still use the Flonase but not as much."

5. DIGESTIVE ISSUES: Was 1 - 2 bowel movements / day. After Detox-Bodywork Series: 2 - 3 / day.

6. ENERGY LEVEL: Jaime's energy level was around a 7-8, on a scale of 1 to 10. After Detox-Bodywork Series, energy is at an 8-9, even 9 more consistently.

7. FINGER & TOE NAIL HEALTH: "Fingernails have historically been weak & peeling. My left foot big toe nail is thick and yellow." After Detox-Bodywork Series: "My fingernails are stronger; they're not splitting or peeling like they used to. And my toenails are more pink -- even on left foot toenail."

8. GLUTEN INTOLERANCE/SENSITIVITY: Jaime says she avoids highly processed white flours as they can give her loose stools sometimes. After Detox-Bodywork Series: "I've had a cookie and a muffin, and I was fine. I'm not having any loose stool from eating foods made with white flour now."

9. HEADACHES: It's not very often, but if I get a headache, it’s usually either on the top left side skull area. Or sometimes I'll get one at base of the neck, but those tension headaches I can usually relieve with stretching exercises. After Detox-Bodywork Series: "I have had no headaches since we started the Detox."

10. JOINT/MUSCLE PAIN: " I feel pain in my entire back, my knees off and on, my left hamstrings, and my left foot has pain on the ball of the foot -- plantar fasciitis?" After Detox-Bodywork Series: "I've been feeling fewer aches & pains. The left plantar area and ball of foot feel much better. I'm not needing to have my Birkenstocks on all the time now. Even at events where I walk or stand for a long time, it's not bothering me nearly so much. I can walk barefoot more comfortably now. The foot pain is a lot less than when we first started the sessions."

11. MIGRAINES: Jaime explains, "I have had ocular migraines -- about a dozen over as many years. These are definitely stress related, though not necessarily directly caused by stress (or I’d have a lot more of them than I do). They’re not painful, but the visual symptoms follow a specific pattern. I am usually fatigued afterward. When they're happening, I'm light sensitive during and a little after." After Detox-Bodywork Series: No episodes of ocular migraines during or since Detox sessions!

12. SCIATICA: Left buttock, and going down the back of the left leg. In the past, it was even worse -- I couldn’t stand for long periods of time like while teaching. After Detox-Bodywork Series: I can now stand without the sciatic pain. And it's still getting better. I notice less of it even after sitting, for example if I’m at a reading. I also haven't needed to see my chiropractor as much. 


13. SKIN ISSUES: Rosacea on both cheeks, and some skin tags on front sides of neck. After Detox-Bodywork Series: "I think my rosacea is better, and the skin tags seem to be lightening up in color."

14. SLEEP QUALITY: Mostly sleep shorter periods (will fall asleep on couch in evening, then go to bed and read for an hour, then sleep another 4 - 5 hours), but likes her pattern, doesn't want it to change. After Detox-Bodywork Series: Jaime says that though her pattern is still the same, she feels she is sleeping more deeply, and remembering pleasant dreams more. Says she feels more rested, and is naturally drinking less coffee these days.

15. TMJ DISORDER: Prior to DBS, she doesn't have pain anymore, but does feel TMJ tension. After Detox-Bodywork Series: Jaime says it's better, she has way less tension in entire jaw.

16. WATER: Approximately 32 - 40 ounces / day. After Detox-Bodywork Series: 70 - 75 ounces / day.

Jaime's thoughts on her Detox-Bodywork Series results and Tamoxifen...

"I was committed to doing the Tamoxifen [commonly prescribed post-breast-cancer drug] when I first started the DBS (Jaime was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer earlier this year, and had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor]. The Detox Bodywork Series sessions played a huge role in my decision to NOT take Tamoxifen, because I started to feel better than I have felt in a long time. I became aware that some of the symptoms I was having were related to toxins stuck in my body. Then the detox bodywork helped to clear things out, and I didn't want to add more toxins [like Tamoxifen] back in after that.

I've been psychologically and emotionally decluttering my life, and doing an inside-the-body detox made sense. It felt more unified. It also gave me a stronger sense of my own empowerment for how I can manage my health -- in working with you and making other changes too, like lifestyle and diet. It feels like some things I have been emotionally wanting to unblock for a long time were beginning to happen with the Detox series.

It's been a good experience in that it's both helped me to reduce a lot of the symptoms but also helped me conceptually realize that a lot of the way I was looking at my symptoms wasn't accurate. I feel more freed up to address what's going on my body in different ways, which makes me more feel empowered.

JC is not just a massage therapist -- this bodywork goes much deeper."


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