Naturally Boost Summer Health

10 Spectacularly Fun Ways To Naturally Boost Your Summer Health

Published July 23, 2019 by Jc Drobac

1. "Summer Up" Your Water

Infuse your regular water intake with fresh garden herbs like mint, basil, lemon thyme! Remember, half your weight in ounces is a good standard. Make sure to increase that if you’re working out, or in excessive heat, or even air conditioning, since all these things can, further deplete our water supply. As a bonus, adding a splash of coconut water helps replace lost potassium, an important electrolyte.


2. Get Natural Vitamin D

Get outside and get sunshine on your bare skin. This allows us to get our necessary Vitamin D – no tanning or burning needed! We only need to be exposed to the sun (without sunscreen) for half the time it takes your sun to burn for us to get the maximum Vitamin D benefits. You can set a timer and plan this out if you know how long it usually takes for you to burn, then protect your skin once time is up. Foods that contain Vitamin D contain only small amounts, so in order to get our recommended daily allowance, we need sun exposure or supplements. And, contrary to supplements, it’s impossible to get toxic amounts of Vitamin D from the sun.


3. Add Earthing To Your Regular Routine

Earthing, also called barefoot healing, is the practice of making direct contact (take off those shoes and socks) with the surface of the Earth. Our bodies are mostly water and minerals, so they are good conductors of electricity (electrons), which are easily transferred to the human body from the Earth, as long as there is direct contact. Next time you find yourself lagging or lethargic, take off your shoes and socks and walk in the grass or a garden. People often notice a charge of energy after just 15 minutes! Or, do it proactively – enjoy some barefoot outdoor time every summer day.


4. Strengthen Your Immune System: Nix The Antibacterials

There’s no better time than summer – especially with all the sunny Vitamin D which strengthens our moods, digestive tracts, sleep (all important immune indicators) -- to build up your immune system. Time to toss out anything antibacterial, including soaps, hand gels, detergents, wipes, etc., which contribute to weakening the immune system. Our world is never going to be “bacteria-free,” so our best defense is a good offense: build up your immune system naturally by playing outdoors in the sunshine (including getting dirty working in the garden), eating lots of fruits and vegetables (especially leafy greens), get 8 or more hours sleep each night, laugh, and relax or meditate. These can all help to boost good immune defense all year round.


Use extra caution if you’re doing chemotherapy or taking certain medications that make your immune system extra sensitive. Make sure to ask your doctor, if in doubt.


5. Hit Up A Farmer’s Market

Unless your garden is reaping what you sowed, go and explore a farmers market! Amping up your immune system by eating all those yummy local fruits and vegetables is easy. A quick Google search for “farmer’s markets near me” will give you plenty to choose from. And, you’ll be hard-pressed not to come home with a bag full of fresh, locally grown produce (some are organic, many are pesticide free). Locally grown produce is often picked ripe and sold within a day, translating to fresher, more nutritious foods because the vitamins and other nutrients haven’t had time to breakdown.

6. Wake To Watch A Sunrise In Nature

Here in Minnesota, we have 6 months (8, if you’re hardy) that we can be outside to enjoy the coolness of our beautiful mornings. It’s worth setting your alarm (or plan extra time in the morning) to enjoy a quiet sunrise. Coffee or tea, anyone? What do you notice? Is it like you thought it would be? Brighter or duller? What sounds do you hear? Any surprises? How does it compare to sunrises you’ve seen elsewhere? Practicing mindfulness and taking a moment to yourself while watching a gorgeous sunrise can help us feel a sense of peace throughout the day, boosting our health and improving our mindset.


7. Enjoy Outside Yoga

Enjoy yoga (or sun salutations) outside or just take your stretching routine outside! Try it. It adds a whole new dimension to your workout. Yoga, and the deep, powerful breathing that can accompany it, not only stretches and strengthens all muscle groups, but increases flexibility and balance. Think yoga is only for the very limber? Think again. YouTube has countless yoga segments of all kinds and lengths you can watch from your phone (propped up to your patio chair) or Kindle. Go to YouTube, search for “Beginning Yoga,” “Hatha Yoga,” or “Yin Yoga.” These are slower-moving forms that focus on gentle stretches and aim to calm and balance bodies and minds. See how great you feel the rest of the day, having gotten your stretching, quality outdoor time, and meditation done!


8. Skip The Nasty Mosquito Repellent

Skip the questionably harmful, and definitely unappealing mosquito repellent! Make your own combination of any of these essential oils instead: lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil, and lavender oil -- make a combination, or use separately -- mosquitoes avoid these scents. You should be able to find them at any co-op. Dab them on your clothes or skin with a paper towel. Add any of them to coconut oil and apply them like lotion to the skin to naturally keep mosquitoes away.


9. Do Absolutely Nothing

Not as easy as it sounds, is it? You can enjoy the dog days of summer lounging in a hammock, reading a real book with real pages (remember those?), or enjoying your favorite hobby, all while feeling guilt-free. The Danish call the enjoyment of relaxing comfort and well-being “Hygge,” (pronounced “hoo-ga”), as a greater pathway to happiness. Unplug the electronics and enjoy one-on-one or solitude time. Your adrenals glands will thank you for it.

10. Be Grateful

Simply said, gratitude is good for our health. Psychological research connects it to greater happiness. And, what better opportunity to be grateful is there than enjoying our always-too-short but exquisite Minnesota summer while it’s here, though knowing it always ends too soon. So, drink it in. Get outside an enjoy every minute of it that you can. And then add it to that Vitamin D bank account you’re working on. This winter, you’ll be glad you did.


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