Results-driven Bodywork 

for Physical & Mental Freedom

Our intention is to integrate the "whole self" into each individualized session, supporting you in your 'healing journey' to physical and mental freedom. Together, we seek to address the root core of  recurring issues so they can heal naturally and permanently.


WholeSelf Bodywork closed,

effective January 28, 2021.

Thank you for your patronage over the last 20 years–it’s been my pleasure to be a part of your healing journeys. Be well, stay well, everyone!

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What our clients are saying...

JC is my 'one-stop shop.' 

She is incredibly knowledgeable and looks at my health from all angles to help me get what I need.


There's no doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist or any other health-care worker I trust more than JC to help me resolve health issues naturally.


I have referred numerous friends to her over the years, and we all agree JC is our 'go-to' health professional. Thank you for all you do --- you are amazing!!

- Liyah R., Heath Care Administrator, St. Paul


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Why "Whole Self"?


We chose "Whole Self" because our intention is to integrate the whole self into each healing session. With respect to tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Hindu philosophy & metaphysical causes-- along with basics of physiology (and, yes, we even hear what Western Medicine has to say), our approach deepens and we strive to listen to what the body is telling us and why 

-- maybe for the first time. And then, we go to work to get to the root core of these recurring issues, 

so they can heal naturally, and, ideally, permanently. 


How much is dehydration relevant to your issues? What are your bowel movements like? And could your emotions be unwittingly contributing to your condition/pain? This combined approach to pain and symptom resolution has had phenomenal results over the years and there's nothing more rewarding than working with my clients to help them help themselves to get out of pain.


When we begin to listen to our bodies and symptoms, when we start to address them and not suppress them -- 

then the healing begins and pain goes away.


Margaret Experiences 

Life-Changing Results

Detox Bodywork Series (DBS) and bodywork treatments have made a huge impact on Margaret 

during the last six months.


Since beginning therapy, Margaret's back pain has significantly decreased, allowing her to exercise again; her anxiety and depression have gotten under control, she has not needed to take her anti-depressant medication, and she hasn’t needed her usual fall-time inhaler! Her allergies have decreased, constipation and dairy allergies have disappeared, her previously-constant ear ache has gotten better, range of motion after a rotator cuff injury has improved, and even her skin complexion has become more clear.


Margaret’s improvements — including much less back pain — combined with her great attitude, have let her meet and exceed a lot of her DBS Therapy goals, and she is continuing to work on others.


Bodywork for Mind & Body

Sheila, age 58, and her husband, age 60, have been clients of WholeSelf Bodywork for over 10 years. The day after a session, Sheila explains why she loves our individual Detox-Bodywork Series (DBS) therapy.

"I did feel better today, and that was just from having 1 Detox-Bodywork session. I haven't been here for a number of months. I thought I felt good, I’d say everything was working fine, though I did have a migraine. Now with 2 sessions in the last week, when Jc was working on me, I could feel the inflammation as she pressed along my spine, my belly, and my feet. But today [the day after my session], everything felt softer, easier, much more relaxed… I strive to live a healthy life through diet, exercise and good hydration, but because of the environmental challenges all around us (pesticides in the food and water supply, etc.), we just can’t do it alone. As a woman in my 50s, I feel it's important to check in with bodywork, to be sure that things are flushing out. Today’s session showed me I went too long without bodywork.

I feel different when I don't come in for bodywork for a few months. As long as I come back sometimes and get a boost, then I feel I can stay on top of things and not get migraines. I started coming when I was going through menopause and getting through those symptoms. At that point, it was about getting rid of the migraines. Now it’s really about maintaining my general good health."


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