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BY APPOINTMENT ONLY--No walk-ins, please! 

All bodywork sessions are 90 minutes. 

*Introductory (new-client) sessions, $50 (includes tax and credit card-processing fee; no tipping, please---this is healthcare, not a luxury service.) :)

*Payments accepted: Cash or credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express). NO CHECKS, PLEASE. 

Regular bodywork session rates: 

$100 (w/healthcare prescription + $4 cc fee)

(Ask me how you can save $10/session by making it tax-exempt--it's easy!)

$110 (w/no healthcare prescription; + $5 cc fee) 


TO BOOK: email Jc at [email protected]

(or voicemail at 651-206-5878)

No texting, please--thank you! :)


Meet Dave... Hockey, a car accident, a physically intense day job--add in some seriously heavy lifting recently, and though Dave stays very active and fit, his neck went out; he couldn't move it for a week. Since then he had some headaches and was taking more over-the-counter meds to keep the daily pain way. 

Dave's right shoulder muscles were stuck, causing him to overuse his left side (see above photo on the left--Dave's right shoulder was pushed down--his head/ear also pulled to right). 

Dave's realignment took just two 90-minute treatments. 

" I'm feeling good. No neck and back pain. I was only a little stiff the next day after our last session. But I've had no headaches, and my back and neck feel good.  And I'm able to do a lot more about the shop [where he works] more comfortably."



Meet "Carla" … "Before/After" Detox symptoms/results:

  • Anxiety (After: "Much less")
  • Cellulite on fronts of upper legs (After: "Significantly less")
  • Fingernail weakness (After: "Nails are strong!")
  • Digestion (before: 1 bowel movement/day; after: 2/day)
  • Inflammation: Fingers/joints; legs tender to touch before (After: "No tenderness or soreness now")
  • Eyesight decrease: Needed readers (After: "a definite improvement!")
  • Greying hair (see above left-side "before" photo; grey hair decreased during treatments; it continues to darken since. 
"I can't believe the difference...Even to me it was surprising to see the difference--the knuckle changes and the entire body inflammation difference (mostly between waist and ankles)--I'm wearing rings I haven't worn in a year!"  


Meet "Rhonda"...

When "Rhonda" came to me via her friend's referral, she was looking for help with extreme neck pain (due to multiple car accidents). She was severely depressed due to her constant pain, and didn't know what to do.  

"Rhonda" was diligent about her weekly and biweekly appointments, and her neck pain subsided 

completely within 3 months. 

No longer having the chronic neck pain allowed us to work with "Rhonda" on digestive distress she'd been dealing with for the last 2 years. Frequent cramping and near-daily diarrhea plagued "Rhonda." And though she loved popcorn, Chinese food, and the occasional good steak---indulging in these brought such 

painful cramping and inevitable diarrhea 

that she avoided them completely. 

"Rhonda" committed to the weekly Detox-Bodywork Series sessions for 2 months, and by the end of Month 2, she was able to eat ALL her favorite foods, and the regular cramping and diarrhea were completely gone. 

Photo: '"Rhonda"'s  previously grey hair (which perfectly matched her hair extension on the right) had lost all the grey and became its original blond again!  (she loved this :) 


Kalle had been experiencing daily/chronic BPPV symptoms for 8 years. She could not sleep on her left side, bend over, or lie face down on the massage table due to nauseating dizziness that could occur.

Read Kalle's feedback below, after 1 treatment...

"A huge THANK YOU for spending so much time with me yesterday, and also for taking the time to figure out my vertigo issue. You certainly worked some magic -- I have absolutely no vertigo at all today. I've even noticed that my balance is a little better. I had a slight grogginess and headache after the session but all in all there is a very major improvement. I hadn't realized how much it was affecting me. I can't thank you enough!"    ---Kalle, artist, Mpls.

Congratulations, John, for finishing the

Lutsen 99er

Ultimate Mountain Bike Race! 

The Lutsen 99er bike race is an Ultra Mountain Bike Race through...the most rugged terrain Minnesota has to offer. The race starts and finishes at Lutsen Mountains and winds from the coast of Lake Superior through the peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains....

"The muddiest, wettest, and coldest yet of my 7 years doing this race and I am feeling good today. My knee felt good for most of the 69 miles, Some discomfort at times, but it did not slow me down. Today, quite a bit of swelling but not sore. I think I can get it back to normal in a couple of days. One thing is absolutely for sure, I could not have done this race without your services.


I think back to where I was when I first saw you and there was no way I could have done a 69 mile mountain bike race. Thank you!!!! By the way, I had a good time in spite of the conditions."


(Weeks after John's race--biking and still improving...)


While on my 40 mile ride Saturday afternoon, I thought about how grateful I am to have found you. Thursday I rode 40 miles, Friday I rode 20, and Saturday I rode 40. These are not easy rides. I averaged 17 miles per hour and did a lot of hills.

This morning, NO swelling in my knee. For the last two years, my knee has been swollen after one easy ride. Now I am riding multiple days with no swelling or pain. It is hard to put into words how much this means to me. My bike is my church, my meditation, my solace from a stressful job, and now, after two years of struggle, I can ride again.

All this progress does not mean I am slowing down on my routine. Foam rolling, tennis balls in the tube sock, stretching, and all of the other good strategies you have taught me will be part of my life.





Try your first 90-MINUTE treatment session for just $50 (includes tax; no tipping, please---this is healthcare, not a luxury! :)  

Email [email protected] (or call 651-206-5878) to set up a consultation or appointment.   

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The intention behind "WholeSelf" is just that--to incorporate the whole self into the healing session. We incorporate the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Hindu philosophy & metaphysical causes-- along with basics of physiology (and, yes, we even hear what Western Medicine has to say) into our approach.

And then we go to work to get to the root core

of these recurring issues, so they can heal naturally--



How much is dehydration relevant to your issues? 

What are your bowel movements like? 

And could your emotions be unwittingly contributing to your condition/pain? 

This combined approach to pain and symptom resolution has had phenomenal results over the years (see "Client Feedback")--and there's nothing more rewarding than working with my clients

to help them help themselves to get out of pain. 

And it's all done by you.

Not the therapists. Trust me, we're just "conduits," (at best).  When we begin to listen to symptoms and address them--instead of suppressing them, then the healing begins and pain goes away.  


Schedule a session and see what I mean. 

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